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Bright Star is a non-profit organization specializing in services that bring businesses and government agencies up to speed in the current technological climate. From high volume document conversions to migrating a computer network system to the cloud, we facilitate the transition from traditional operations to new processes.

To proficiently offer these services, we only hire the best of the best. Our unique team of experts consists of military veterans and individuals who know what it means to serve. We are people and we recognize that transitioning, in any form, can be difficult. Whether you’re a service member returning home, or an HR rep attempting to understand a new computer system- having a helping hand makes all the difference. As such, with all our services, we offer training to clients and the members of their organization to help them through the process; every step of the way.


Military Heroes at Bright Star

Bright Star is a consulting and tech services non-profit founded in 2008.  Forty homeless veterans became our first Bright Star warriors. They lived at the VA Lyons homeless shelter and took a bus every day to our headquarters in Newark, NJ. After completing compensated work therapy they began training. Within 90 days our veterans were working on tech and non-tech Bright Star projects for customers like FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, the State of New Jersey, New Jersey Transit, and many more,

Bright Star Warriors are taught, coached, and guided to create and sustain their own success.  They learn how to use their military experience in their. Whether its scanning documents or helping customers implement new technologies, they choose the direction that will give them the most satisfaction.

This is the place that gave me a direction.  I started here three weeks after I got home from Iraq.  I learned so much.  Bright Star will always be my family.
— Nate Westbrook, United States Navy, OIF (Iraq)
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consultants and technologists

We are consultants and technologists that help organizations improve performance and reduce operational costs. From technological evolution to document conversion, Bright Star and its team of veterans identify existing organizational difficulties and develop and implement plans for improvement. We have specialized skills in government operations and technologies, We prepare and support teams and organizations in making organizational change, most commonly technological evolution and process modification.  Our veterans also help agencies facilitate how people and teams are affected by these changes.

We have managed small to large-scale projects including those that involve high inter-departmental coordination.  From IT migration and cloud services to small document conversion projects, Bright Star has the expertise to help you streamline and cut costs.

Our services included:

  • Cloud-based board meeting services and support

  • Organizational technology upgrades and modernization

  • Cloud migration

  • Document conversion and information taxonomy

  • Queue management

  • Specialized staffing

Our Customers




Records management and document conversion including large format drawings, bound reports, and high-res color photos.

Scanned case files relating to disasters in Region 2 (New York City and tri state area).

Organized and categorized documents for eventual delivery to NARA for permanent housing.

Consulted with FEMA HQ in DC on how to deploy and manage a large-scale, nationwide document conversion project with the goal of implementing a nationwide content management system.

Worked with OpenText (Bright Star partner) to implement the system.





Records management, document conversion, map and other large format conversion, color photo and book scanning.

Organized and converted confidential evidence for ICE in New York City so that they could more quickly and easily analyze it.

Created self-executable search engine for inspectors to access, view and process evidence faster.





Records management, document conversion, maps and other large format conversion, color photo and book scanning.

Organize and convert confidential back-file, go-forward and mail records for Department of Law and Public Safety and the Division of Consumer Affairs.

Export to data groups, .txt and .xml files or import into their records management system and

upload into their SharePoint site.


Designed and implemented cyber-secure, custom SharePoint-based board meeting services application which is currently being used by about 55 boards and sub-committees within the Division of Consumer Affairs.

Organize and converted confidential information and upload to cloud-based agenda application for board member review.

Supported board meetings by setting up laptops at board meetings (1 for each board member) on which board members and board staff view and annotate records during live board meetings. 




Designed and implemented SharePoint case management system that peaks with over 800 simultaneous users.

Designed and implemented SharePoint call center tracking and management system that married with the case tracking/management system.

Designed and implemented management dashboard.

Created analytics and reports.

Trained staff on system, and on the use and understanding of metrics/reports for ongoing process and staff improvements .

system MODERNIzation

Consulted on infrastructure modernization and other technologies necessary to migrate to the cloud.

Designed and implemented processes/policies ensuring compliance with Federal and State regulations for cyber-security.

Built and implemented comprehensive disaster recovery and back-up protocols.

Implemented modern email.

Migrated them to the cloud: Microsoft Azure.

Implemented new servers at each location including disaster recovery management, print server and associated tool-set. enterprise antivirus application, PC/computer/equipment ‘inventory’ tracking system.

Trained all IT staff. 

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Queue Management

queue mangement circle.gif

Deployed queue management system for the Bergen County Board of Social Services which improved customer experience and operational efficiency, reducing wait times as much as 50%.

Consulted with Bergen County about workflow mapping, process design, department-wide training, and adoption of new policies and processes.

Most of us coming home don’t have jobs and can’t find them either. At Bright Star I learned a new career...they helped me get used to being home. Home life is really different from the military. In the military we’re brothers and sisters. I know I always have someone watching my back. Civilian life is unforgiving and scary.
— Marcus Cooper, United States Air Force, OIF (Iraq)
marcus with battle buddy with frame.jpg

Army, Air Force,
Navy, Marines,
and Coast Guard

They served in Iraq and Afghanistan,
and in wars past and present.  They are:

  • Bobby, a naval cook, who survived a bomb that killed over 200 Marines in Beirut.
  • Joseph, also a Navy cook, who fed over 2000 seamen while deployed in combat zones.
  • Jennifer, a seaman, who received the National Defense Service Medal and the Marksmanship Ribbon.
  • Farrah, also a seaman, who is still on active duty while pursuing a career at Bright Star.
  • Sema, who served in the Marines and is currently active duty Army Reserves and a college student.
  • Gamil, who served in the Marines since 2001 and did many tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He later became a fire fighter.
  • Robert ,who served in the Army during Vietnam and was homeless for many years.
  • Dan, who was homeless for 20 years after serving in the army.
  • Gil who started his Marine career in 2001 and also did many tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Today he works alongside Gamil as a fire fighter.
  • and many more.
Bright Star has become my home. When I came here, I was still living at the Lyons facility. They helped me get back on my feet. I will always be thankful to Bright Star.
— Dan Brown, United States Marines
Dan Brown and Corey Booker.jpg
Getting back into civilian life after deployment was a tremendous physical and mental struggle. The VA told me about Bright Star. I noticed right away that Bright Star’s people were different. Bright Star helped me get back on my feet.
— Jay Haidara, United States Marines
jay haidara.gif
I was a flight equipment technician in the Air Force from 2004 to 2007. I learned comradery and what it was to have someone’s back. That was what I was used to. When I got home, there was no comradery in any jobs I got until I found Bright Star. I love it here. Bright Star’s a great place to work.
— Jordan Cross, United States Air Force
I was in the Marines fro more than 10 years. When I got home, there was no honor and it didn’t matter that I fought for our country. There was no one looking out for me like in the service. Bright Star changed all that.
— Gil Gonzalez, United States Marines

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