Our Team of Veterans Delivers Results

Bright Star teaches and employs veterans. We are not a placement agency.  We give veterans careers with Bright Star who in turn help government go from paper processes to modern, technology-based processes. We convert documents, we upgrade IT, we migrate customers to the cloud, and more.  From case management, queue management and content management…our veterans learn best practices in all of these areas.  FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, NJ Department of Law and Public Safety, NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County and more have all worked with our veterans.

Bright Star Gives U.S. Veterans Career-Foundations So They Can Build Their Future

More than 90% of Bright Star’s staff are American veterans.  They come from the Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army and the Coast Guard.  They have been deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, South Sudan.  They’ve fought the war on (ISIS) overseas and at home. They are our moms, dads, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives.  They are American heroes.

Please give them the opportunity to embark on a career that will take them into their future.

It's Time to Modernize

Where do you start?  Start with bite-sized, small-scope areas.  That’s what Bright Star and its team of veterans helps you with.  We help you plan and then execute on those bite-sized steps.  Daunting, huge, fraught with risk: only if you don’t have a a plan.  Let our veterans help you and see how a team of heroes operates.

Dear Single Parents (a message from a U.S. Army veteran)

By Zaa-Vonah Stewart

Being a single mom is amazing and has transformed me.  Before I started at Bright Star, and before I gave birth to my third beautiful baby girl, I worked two jobs and I was homeless, living in a shelter with my kids. Every day I needed courage, persistence, patience, love, determination, and the strength to be hopeful and positive.

I was very lucky.  I found a job that helps me be a great single mom and a great employee because I can bring my new baby (and my kids) to work.  To me, that is beyond excellent.  Working here I found a family…I found a group of people that make sure I’m okay.

When I started Bright Star, I was assigned a coach and eventually a mentor.  What I used to see as my weaknesses, I began to recognize as strengths. They gave me…

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